Try It Out!

Unsure if CrossFit NewFound is for you? That’s one of the reasons why we offer everyone a free 1-week trial. All you need to do to take advantage of this opportunity is arrive 10-15 minutes prior to any class to fill out our waiver and tell us a little about yourself, your past experience with fitness and your present goals. You will then have a full week to come to any class we offer, free of charge. This should allow you ample opportunity to sample several workouts and get a feel for our coaching style as well as get to know other members of our community and determine if CrossFit NewFound is for you.  It will also allow us the time to assess your current level of fitness and mobility over a variety of movements and exercises, versus a one-time quick assessment which will aid greatly in coaching you as you proceed. Once your trial is over you then have the option of joining on a month-to-month basis or save money with a 6-month or 1-year membership.

Our current class schedule can be found here.  To speed things up you can fill out the waiver form here and complete it prior to showing up. In the meantime please check out our FAQ page and see what others have to say about  their CrossFit experience here.



See you soon!