Frequently Asked Questions and Common Misconceptions

“I’m too old for CrossFit”

There’s no such thing as too old. Fitness is a life long journey that will lead to a happier, healthier, and more capable you. CrossFit can be adapted to meet the abilities of any age or level of fitness. Stories like retired Admiral Bill Center’s are everywhere:

“The local Globo Gym is 9.99 a month, why should I pay more for you?”

A library card is free and a library is full of all the books you need to learn, yet people pay thousands of dollars to attend college. Just like college, at CrossFit NewFound you’re paying for more than just the tools to learn on your own, you’re paying for personal attention from qualified instructors, qualified instructors that truly care about you and your progress. You will also be surrounded by like minded individuals striving to achieve similar goals cheering you on every step of the way.

“I need to get into shape before I try CrossFit”

CrossFit is much more than what you see in YouTube Videos and ESPN; muscle bound men and hard bodied girls. In fact, they are the minority. Your average CrossFitter is the soccer mom down the street, the auto mechanic who fixes your car, and the nerdy college graduate living with his parents. The completely average; achieving fitness in an unaverage way. Just ask Christine Pereira.

“I don’t want to get bulky from lifting”

This is something we commonly hear from many girls. Although we do utilize weight training and promote strength gains, that is only  a portion of what we do here at CrossFit NewFound. Women especially, are not hormonally predisposed to add large amounts of muscle and would typically take them many years of focused training and a high calorie diet to do so.

“I heard CrossFit will make me lose muscle mass”

This is something we hear often from guys who are trying to gain muscle mass. Again we turn to your diet. If your goal is to gain weight we will help define what it is that you need to do to reach that goal while doing CrossFit.

“I can’t do that!”

It’s important to remember that everyone was a beginner at some point. That’s why you’re here: to learn, better yourself, and achieve things you never thought you’d be capable of. The workout you see posted on our site is for our most advanced athletes and a version of this workout is scaled specifically to meet the needs of each individual in our classes. The next time you say “I can’t” think of Jacqui Pierce:

“CrossFit is dangerous”

There is a certain level of risk in any exercise program BUT also realize the significant danger associated with NOT doing exercise. CrossFit NewFound is focused on providing people with results while minimizing the risk of injury. We minimize risk by coaching our athletes through the necessary skills, drills, and techniques as well as scaling when necessary so they are performing mechanically safe movements.