Sports Performance

EXPLOSIVE POWER! It is the common factor in all great athletes. Whether it’s that extra second coming off the blocks in swimming, the extra inch on the last second jump shot or the extra yard for the winning touchdown, Explosive Power makes the difference. At CrossFit NewFound you can get that Explosive Power at our  Sports Performance Training program. Designed for the performance athlete, our program focuses on the three core elements of explosive power: STRENGTH, SPEED and MOBILITY



A stronger athlete is a better athlete. With increased strength you will outlast, over power and outperform the competition. Utilizing a combination of high intensity interval training along with plyometrics, olympic weightlifting, strongman and kettlebells the CrossFit NewFound Sports Performance Training program will give you the increased strength to power to new performance heights.


BAND RUNSPEED KILLS! You see it on the fields, courts, mats and pools and hear about it on the highlights. The best way to get speed is to train speed. The Sports Performance Training program at CrossFit NewFound incorporates speed skills every day. Whether it’s plyometric jumps, sled pushes, banded runs or just sprinting, the Sports Performance Training program at CrossFit NewFound has the tools to get you faster!


MOBILITYIt doesn’t matter how strong or fast you think you are, without the ability to move through a full range of motion, you will never be at your full potential. The CrossFit NewFound Sports Performance Training program dedicates a portion of every session to mobility, utilizing trigger point, bands, balls and the innovative techniques of Dr. Kelly Starrett. Never again will poor mobility be the limiting factor in your performance.


Each 1 1/2 hour session of our Sports Performance Training program includes hands on instruction, supervision, and individual attention from our highly qualified coaching staff. And because the loads, distances, times, intensity, and routines can be scaled, our Sports Performance Training program can meet the needs of athletes at all levels of training advancement regardless of age or experience. To start your path to NewFound strength, NewFound speed and NewFound Mobility, join the expanding community at CrossFit NewFound and find the athlete in you.


CrossFit NewFound Sports Performance…..Real Hard Work, Real Hard Results.